Thursday, September 6, 2012


One step closer to the Li(gh)t! 

Greetings Li(gh)t Seekers!

My name is Nora Mohtadi and God created me in the valley of San Fernando, California. I am an American Muslim and no I won't kill you with my covered head and modest dress- but I will make you feel warm by just looking at me (the black I wear captures heat so BEWARE!) 

On a more serious note, I am in love with English (and that is why I am divorced). My mother raised my six other siblings and I in the library - literally. After school we went straight to that humongous library on Nordhoff and we were to stay until closing - then head home. I ventured through each and every shelf, finding myself lost within the books I held. It was the first step into the Li(gh)t! I decided that English Literature was my true calling and teaching was not far behind. I started teaching Arabic early freshman year of college. And now I find myself teaching Religious Studies from grades K-8 at a private school while completing this last semester of this 10 yr. Institution of Higher and Pricier Education . Now that is total MADNESS! How I ended up in this situation I have no clue - its all a BLUR). 

And again on a more serious, serious note, how does media tie into all this? Well media is what I call the brainwashing machine (mostly news media). However, media is of importance especially in this futuristic 2000 millennium. As students ourselves, we use some sort of media every second. Also media has many mediums - some useful than others- but they are bridges to keep students informed and interested at least for a few minutes (dilated pupils in interest = Brainwashing Machine ON).  

Well I can keep rambling until 2 am... wait this is a blog... so I am allowed to ramble! EUREKA!

Seriously I should stop here - don't you think? (wait don't think its immensely harmful to your health)

Well I hope you enjoyed the cheesy humor and I hope to keep you interested for a minute at least - like most of my students when I teach. 

Bon Voyage to the Journey to Li(gh)t

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  1. I can't believe no one has commented! I'm in your English 495 class; I sat beside you once (Hi! I'm Michelle Zamora). I think you're mom gave you a wonderful gift. My mom and dad weren't very avid readers; they still aren't, but I learned to love books regardless, especially in the fourth grade when my teacher would read to us for half an hour or so. I absolutely fell in love with Rhoald Dahl because of her. I never wanted to teach, in fact I flat out refused to go that route when many others tried to convince me to venture down that rabbit hole. I'm still indecisive, but I may decide to do it anyway. I specifically want to be a reading specialist, but that'll take a lot of time and, at the moment, I'm more concerned with making sure that the little boy growing in my tummy has my full attention for the first couple of years. I wish you luck and I look forward to reading your next posts.